Your leased / rented printers from Copierworks come with FREE service and maintenance. Use the service request form to schedule an onsite visit.

You can also browse our Service FAQs at the bottom of this page to find answers to common printer questions.

Service Request Form

  • Note: Please check in the top right corner of the touchscreen display. Depending on your model, it will say something like "Call for service: code *****" or something similar. Please tell us the error code number. That is the machine's way of telling us what is wrong, and it will greatly speed up our diagnosis and help us to rectify any issues much quicker.
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Service FAQs

How do I contact Copierworks for a service request?

The easiest way to contact us by calling our service line (604) 838-7368, or sending an email to To help us solve your issue more quickly, please be sure to include the error code displayed at the top right corner of the touchscreen panel.

How fast can you get here after I contact you?

In most cases we can get to your site same or next day, depending on the time of day you contact us, and your distance from our nearest technician. We will get information from you on the issue first, and often it can be solved over the phone.

What service issues do you cover?

We both profit by having a mutually positive long-term relationship with your business, so the copiers we rent you are fully covered, all parts and labour. We are also committed to helping you with any external issues, such as networking, to ensure you’re getting the full use out of the copier. It is important to note that every business environment is different, so we will work with you for your particular situation, but some things are beyond our scope and require the involvement of your IT personnel.

We are not able to send technicians to your site to deal with a simple paper jam. These can normally be intuitively solved, but if you cannot fix the paper jam, a phone call to us should suffice to talk you through it. We also offer a link at the bottom of this page, to an interactive tutorial which could help. Of course, if a paper jam becomes common and is due to mechanical problems with the equipment, our service covers that.

How do I order toner from you?

Give us a call on our sales line (604) 838-7368, or email us at

I’m trying to get a new computer to print and scan, and it’s not working

You need the proper print drivers and/or file downloader installed. Give us a call and we can walk you through this process.

I’ve had a paper jam and cleared it out, but the copier says its still jammed.

Most likely there is more paper hidden somewhere, as multiple sheets will be in the paper path during printing. There are green labels inside the copier to indicate openable panels; check these areas. If you are getting frequent jams, it may indicate some parts are due for maintenance.

I changed the paper size or thickness in a drawer, and now the copier jams every time I try to print something.

Changing paper size is a two step process. First, you must adjust the internal drawer guides to the new size, and then you must use the touchscreen to tell the copier your new paper size. If the second step is skipped, the copier will detect the wrong size every time you print from that drawer, and will jam. Be sure to press “yes” when the copier asks you if you’ve changed paper sizes. Or, you can manually press the “User Functions” button to the right of the screen, then press “drawer”, select the drawer you’ve changed on the left, and select the new size on the right. Note also you can change the paper type here as well, such as to different thicknesses.

I’m trying to scan something to my computer but I can’t find the file, or it doesn’t show up.

Check to make sure that you’re scanning to the e-filing box set up on the copier for your computer, and that the file downloader is running on that computer. Resets and power outages can clear out your automatic download settings, so double-check that the details are correct. Please give us a call for help with this.

The copier says its low on toner, but you just installed a new pack.

The copier has an internal counter that doesn’t read the true toner level (it is linked to the total number of pages processed). Because some toner packs will be used up faster than others depending on what you print (for example, you might use more yellow than you do magenta), this page-based counter often reads differently than a true toner-based level check.

When this level meter drops below 25%, or when it “thinks” it is below 25%, it issues a low toner notice. We recommend that you continue to use the toner packs “right to the last drop” for maximum economy.

Suddenly none of the computers are able to print or scan, but the copier doesn’t indicate any errors.

Most likely there was a change in your network setup, or your router has not correctly assigned the copier a new IP address. Call us and we will walk you through the steps to check.

Interactive Tutorial

Click here to launch the interactive tutorial. It covers the main functions of the machines, as well as common issues that are able to be dealt with by users. The tutorial covers all models from the e2330c right up to the e4520c.

Need more help?

Use the Service Request Form at the top of this page to schedule an onsite visit. You can also call (604) 838-7368 for immediate assistance.